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 Guild Recruitment Policy Master Thread (ALL APPS READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING)

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Elite Gnoll Guard

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PostSubject: Guild Recruitment Policy Master Thread (ALL APPS READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING)   Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:50 pm

First off to existing members, do not ever direct a player whom you wish to join the guild to an officer or me first. Instead, first direct them to this board on the forums so they can put in an application. This is not to be mean, but i'm going to tell them to do this anyway and so will all the officers so you may as well cut out the wasted tell transfer time ;P

Applications must be submitted following the template stickied at the top of this board. Applications not following that template will be instantly rejected.

All applications will remain up and open for a minimum of 3 days, maximum of a week, before they are either accepted, rejected, or suspended indefinitely. During this time, existing members and officers are expected to periodically check the forums and potential recruit apps. If they have a problem with any of the people apping the members/officers are expected to reply to the thread with the issue and whether or not they are willing to let the person join. This will not necessarily mean that app will be rejected, it simply means at best an issue must be resolved in order to join the guild. If you have an issue with an app and do not bring it up and/or reply to the thread we will assume no one has an issue with the app and if they are accepted I do NOT wanna hear any drama about them because you had your chance.

If an app is accepted or rejected, officers make sure to reply to the application thread stating whether they were rejected or accepted, what the date is, and then lock the thread and move it to the Old Applications board. If they were accepted do not do this until AFTER they have been spoken to and tagged in-game. If the application is suspended reply that it was suspended, the date, and do NOT lock the thread or move it.

After an app is accepted he/she will be put at Gnoll Pup rank and will follow the guild's rules and the guild's promotion policy from there. These are all posted in the Guild Only sections of this board. Your forum account will have to be moved to the Member's usergroup before these boards will be visible to you, this should occur immediately after you are tagged so as to permit you to read up on how the guild works.

An app's rejection, acceptation, or suspension is at the sole discretion of the guild officers and members and the details as to why your app met one of these three ends being released to you is also at the sole discretion of the guild officers. Keep this in mind.

Guild application template is located here: Here

Application Requirements

IMPORTANT NOTE: This req list applies only to your mains. Alts and boxes are completely irrelevant. They can be level 1 with cloth armor on and as long as your main meets reqs you're fine.

Minimum requirements for joining Blackburrow's Legion (Minus Tanks):

Level: 100

AAs: Minimum amount is 4k AAs.

Minimum requirements for joining Blackburrow's Legion (Tanks Only):

AAs: Minimum amount is 5k AAs.

Additional (All Classes):

Everyone must be attune to all ROF and Cotf Zones.

Progression: None. Things we look at heavily like MPG trials and DoN prog are already covered by one-time awarded DKP bonuses. However, if you have these things, feel free to post it on your app as it makes you look better:
1. MPG Trials
2. DoN Prog
3. Epics (2.0/2.5. NECROs especially)
4. A "Circle of _____" aura clicky of any rank 1-4.
5. Any flags for raid requesting etc.

Method of Leveling: People who's mains were powerleveled, whether returning players or not, via swarming or headshotting, ESPECIALLY by any member NOT in Blackburrow who can atleast attest to the fact that you are a skilled player despite skipping 99 levels in under a couple hours, is a HUGE negative impact on your app. While not grounds for immediate rejection, it will garner negative attention that can lead down that road. This is due to the fact that powerleveled (and even size=18]idcopy for that matter) people are notorious for not knowing how to play their class because they skipped so far ahead or think the raid gear will do it all for them.

That's it as of right now.

The reason for these requirements is that, despite the family guild aspect we strive hard to maintain, we ARE still a raiding guild. As such we expect people to be on raids if they can (and we have a required minimum raid attendance of one raid every 2 weeks at LEAST. Exceptions of course can be made for real life, like work, family, military etc etc. Real Life always before EQ. However if you're on a lot and for two weeks you don't attend a single raid despite being on and in-game, you'll be booted). As such, if you don't meet these requirements, level etc, you'll more than likely die innumerable times to AoEs in a single event. Causing frustration to you and the rest of the raid. This is for your own enjoyment of the game as much as anything as I doubt that kind of a raid would make anyone very happy.

Open/Closed Class Recruitment List

Bard - Very High Priority
Beastlord - Low Priority
Berserker - High Priority
Cleric - High Priority
Druid - High Priority
Enchanter -Medium Priority
Magician - Low Priority
Monk - Low Priority
Necromancer - Very High Priority
Paladin - Very High Priority
Ranger - Medium Priority
Rogue - Low Priority
Shadowknight - Very Low Priority
Shaman - Very High Priority
Warrior - High Priority
Wizard - Very High Priority

The class req list obviously applies only to mains not boxes. Though boxes are helpful.

Active Officer List

You may find yourself, as an app, needing to speak with an officer at some point in time. Be it to relay information in person regarding you and your app, or to clear up trouble with your app, or simply because you were accepted and need that tag.

Here is a list of the mains (not alts/boxes though) of all officers and their rank currently in the guild for you to look for:

Gnoll Commanders:

Gnoll Guards
Brennar - Recruitment team
Feiddan - Recruitment team

If you need to contact an officer seek out one of these people.

[b]Raid Info

We use Gina and Vent. You MUST use one or the other in in order to raid with us.

Read thread located here.

Final Tips/Hints

1. It benefits your app to talk to members of Blackburrow in-game for groups or just chat. The more people get to know you, the more likely you'll be accepted (or...rejected...if there's a reason to reject you..)

2. When you app you must follow through on your app. Officers are very busy in-game and out and cannot take the time to track down every app when they get accepted. PLEASE send officers tells in-game when you get accepted and keep checking back with the boards at least once a day to answer any posted questions or take note of the end result of your app. and follow through!

3. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT. Despite the family guild aspect we strive hard to maintain, THIS IS A RAID GUILD. If you are not willing to make a raid a week there is no need to apply to LOB. We're not here so that you can have a free guild hall portal or some people to talk to while you hide away xping on your own. We're a raid guild and a virtual family. Be a part of it or don't. The same thing, however, goes for people who may be applying who came from a Live server... if you're coming over here just to join a raid, but then never log on to Test for anything but that raid, or worse, not even ALL the raids, and spend most of your time on Live still. Again...don't even bother applying. I don't really care what you bring to the table, if you're not going to be a part of our community then don't wear the tag.


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Clan Darkpaw Knight
Clan Darkpaw Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Recruitment Policy Master Thread (ALL APPS READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING)   Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:06 am

Bonus Points for reading this far!

Ideally, we could use the following (flexible schedules and all - if we had this many people apply immediately we'd be way over the 54 limit!).

Current Recruitment Needs
Bard - 4+
Beastlord - 2
Berserker - 2
Cleric - 2-3
Druid - 2
Enchanter - 1
Magician - 2
Monk - 1
Necromancer - 1
Paladin - 2
Ranger - 1-2
Rogue - 2
Shadowknight - 0
Shaman - 4+
Warrior - 2-3
Wizard - 2-4

Note: recruitment needs change over time. This is up-to-date as of August 3rd 2014. If there is no (0) need for your class listed, you should know that is not a hard line, and we are always open to exceptional applicants. Drop me a tell in game to discuss your app!
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Clan Darkpaw Knight
Clan Darkpaw Knight

Posts : 291
Join date : 2014-03-22

PostSubject: Re: Guild Recruitment Policy Master Thread (ALL APPS READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING)   Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:09 am

What I Have to Say About The Application Process

We really want to see people invested into their character. If you haven't put in the time and effort into your character, that reflects poorly on your application. Some examples of this would be lack of epics (more important for some classes than others) or lacking group gear (a full set of CotF group gear is not at all difficult to acquire, though it takes some time to farm Marks). It just doesn't look good when you show little effort invested into your character, but present yourself to us as a raid-ready character and someone wanting to raid with us. This isn't a conversation stopper, but to make it clear WE DO NOTICE AND WE DO CHECK.

One of the other things we're on the lookout for is simply do you try and improve. An obvious red flag is seeing a DPS app do less than 10k dps - this is simply not acceptable. We do expect you to have a decent grasp of your class, but also realize that not everyone comes in ready to rock on their first few raids (and to be honest, we all have room for improvement). Simply, show an interest in getting better and looking for ways to do better (a lot of our longer-tenured members, and any of the officers, will happily talk things over with you and run you through groups and against arena dummies, etc. to help you - but that starts with YOUR initiative).

EverQuest expertise is not a requirement for membership. Willingness to learn is. Effective tactics are vital for raiding and we will happily help less experienced members master the best techniques. Members should be open to such guidance. Poor technique puts all of your guildmates at risk. If a serious deficiency continues for more than two weeks a warning will be issued and the player will be asked to work with the guild officers to rectify the situation.

At the end of the day, Legions of Blackburrow is a raiding guild. We're here to raid, kick ass, and have fun in good company. If you don't share that interest, and would rather go off and solo during raid time, LoB isn't the place for you. If you are online during a raid you must be with us (we ask that you log off, as a matter of respect to your 40-50 some guildmates who are raiding). Getting information about encounters in real time--whether through audio triggers or vent (we cover most everything there, many members don't have the need for additional triggers)--is vital to our success, and failing encounters because a member is missing emotes is unacceptable.

With all that said, we look forward to your application! We'd love to meet you and play this game we all enjoy with more great new people!
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Recruitment Policy Master Thread (ALL APPS READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING)   

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Guild Recruitment Policy Master Thread (ALL APPS READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING)
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